Hudson Cloud

Modern theatre, as a major hub for cultural events and public gatherings, embodies a sense of mystery and exclusivity. Originating from the open-air amphitheaters of ancient times, theaters nowadays often resemble black boxes—enclosed spaces meticulously designed to control stage effects, hidden from external view. Can we preserve the spontaneous essence of communal gatherings within this enclosed space? Could we transform the rigid black box into a dynamic, floating cloud that suggests activity and openness?

Envision the typical programs housed within a performance center dissipating into the atmosphere: galleries, small theater, concert hall, and opera house loosely held up by four building cores. Layers of inflatable structures intertwine and envelope these micro-centers like water vapor coalescing around dust particles in a cloud. This organization is then unified by a layer of kinetic envelope crafted from fishing net, when stirred by the wind, mysteriously unveiling the internal activities of the living cloud.

Echoing New York's vertical urban landscape across the East River, the Hudson Cloud emerges as a theater tower—distinct yet subtle, blending into the sky. The solidity of a traditional performance venue merges with the openness of a sculpture park through the interplay of bubbles and blocks, resulting in a series of unconventional spaces: a city park is elevated to mid-levels, an open-air theater features inflatable cushioned seating, and performance halls with metal nets cascading from the ceiling, allowing for casual viewing from "on the cloud." Hudson Cloud is a play of layers of transparency, both appreciated from a distance and experienced within.
TIME 2018, 2024(Rework)
MEDIUM Digital Drawing/Render
CATEGORY Studio Project