The key concept for the project is 井, the Chinese character for well. In southern China, before refrigerators and air conditioners became household essentials, people used to dip watermelon in well, and sprinkle well water on floor to combat heat. Well water was the key source for cooling.

It still could be now. During stiflingly hot summer in 2019, a retired engineer in Wuhan drilled a small well in backyard and pumped underground water to his air conditioner chiller. On a larger scale, deep water cooling technique is often applied to whole building’s HVAC system to improve energy performance. However, with modern engineering, the tangible experience with well water gets lost in complex piping systems. What if this cold water could be seen and felt in space?
TIME 2023/12
MEDIUM Hand Drawing, Digital Drawing/Render, Physical Model
CATEGORY Competition Entry
STATUS Award Announcement at 2024/4