Snail Library

The library is located at Dayuan in Guangzhou, China – one of the nationwide leading E-commerce Villages. Like other Taobao villages in the country, the previous rural district took off with Chinese booming online economy. Here technology appears in stark contrast to its context – promptest market data drives low skill manual labour, a large variety of media promotes homogeneous produces. The streamlined village workshops presents both opportunities and challenges: can we implement a knowledge network informed by decentralized e-commerce logistic pattern?

Library serves as an information warehouse, where packaged knowledge gets distributed, circulated, exchanged. Library also serves as contemplation space, where people slow down, wonder, absorb. The design proposal is a snail shell like structure cladded in bookshelf and self-help check out lockers. The ‘slow‘ winding space packaged in efficient ‘express‘ box, offering two way access for the users, presenting a knowledge base that disseminates into extensive information infrastructure, and a getaway house from fast paced digital world.
TIME 2023/2
MEDIUM Digital Drawing/Render, Physical Model